Out now, S(tars) & M(agnets) Devon Gallant’s 4th collection of poetry.

Praise for S(tars) & M(agnets)

“Impregnable…you almost have to fight it for meaning.” Octavian Herescu

“A paradoxical combination of simplicity and extravagance.” Allan Briesmaster (Quattro Books)

“These are the kinds of poems I see scholars at University take time to study. I am stunned by what I am seeing.” Rudyard Fearon

“s(tars)  and  m(agnets)     a mirakul uv a book   th narrator sails  flies thru galax eez  in    a bed uv stars brings his love cum thru fire 2 th prson  celebrating n spreding   within    th birth uv unicorns  each lettr  each beet  each blessing is a book uv  love   uv  daring     2 b now    writtn on an   olympia typwritr   th tactilitee uv   each star  each    moovment mesur   brings a nu book uv joy  2 our opning hearts    devon gallant has dun sumthing reelee awesum  n reelee sewrapturous  stedee   xplorativ   n radiant all within th wheel uv time  iuv usd selektid phrases  from devon gallants writing 2 illustrate th wundrs n powrs uv th word magik heer” bill bissett

Available on AMAZON

ABOUT S(tars) & M(agnets)

S(tars) & M(agnets) is an experimental ‘book-of-poems’ composed entirely on a 1959 Olympia SF travel typewriter and ranging in themes from the mystical to the sensual. The title is a nod to the ee cummings collection Tulips and Chimneys. Where Tulips and Chimneys was a sexual innuendo for male and female genitalia, S(tars) & M(agnets) is a reference to the sexual play of Sado-Masochism. On top of the poetry of ee cummings, S(tars) & M(agnets) is inspired by the works of Grant Morrison, Rob Brezsny, Pablo Neruda, and Denise Levertov.  

Poems from S(tars) & M(agnets) have been featured in the following literary magazines:

“Salvation” in Issue 4 of The Bellville Park Pages 
“Chaos” & “I Am A Shaman” in Beyond Borderlands
“The Carousel at Midnight” in Volume 1: February 2014 of Bitterzoet Magazine
“Moon, Stars, and Grass” in Issue 108 of Crack the Spine
“Paris” & “Untouchable” in Issue 7 of The Jet Fuel Review

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